A. For nymphs with enlarged thorax, place lead where thorax will be and this will help build up area. This leaves a long area of bare hook at abdomen to keep it thin. Be sure to leave room in front for hackle, wings and whip finish.

Applicable Flies:

hare's ear, pheasant tail, march brown, various mayfly nymphs.


B. For full bodied nymphs. Place lead evenly, leaving room for tail material at rear and wings, hackle, and whip finish in front.

Applicable Flies:

prince, tellico, zugbug, woolly worms.

C. For streamers you can put wire at the center or the front and depending on how much weight you desire. I like centered for: muddlers, feather streamers. Leaves plenty of room at head for wings and spun hair. Up front for: woollybuggers.

D. Lead eyes at the front are my favorite for woollybuggers. or crayfish patterns. Also must have for Clouser's. This gives the fly a jigging action that fish find irresistible.

Wooly Bugger, Pheasant Tail ,Hare's Ear, Prince,