Turkey flats are used for wings on parachute (substitute for hair) and thorax style dry flies. If you are tying size 18 and smaller parachute's, you may find that substituting turkey flats for calf hair is a lot easier and makes a good mayfly wing profile. Turkey flats are available dyed in various colors to imitate the many color variations found in real mayfly wings.


1. Take a turkey flat and hold by the tip of stem. Notice how the tip of the feather has an area where the fiber tips are even. We want to use those tips for the wings on our flies so the tips of the fly wings have that fine natural taper.


2. Pull off the short and uneven fibers.



3. Clip a section of fibers. How much you need will depend on the size of fly and the density of the turkey flat fibers.


4. Grab that section by the tips.



5. Holding the fiber section by the base, put your thumb and forefinger against the sides of the tips.


6. Fold the section by the tips into a neat bundle while making sure the tips stay even. This is like riding a bike for the first time. It takes practice and playing around till you get it right.


7. Grab the fiber bundle by the butts and you are ready to tie it in for a wing.

You are now ready to:

Tie In Parachute Wing


BWO Parachute