This operation can be used on many nymphs. You can also substitute many other materials when tying different nymphs. Try turkey wing quill sections for hare's ear, march brown, tellico, etc.

1. Clip off another bundle of pheasant tail fibers like you did when we tied in the tail and abdomen. Holding fiber tips in left hand, align point "A" on bundle where the dark area starts with around 1/2 to 2/3 hook shank length where we want to tie in wing case material. Clip excess at point "B" where the lead ends. This keeps excess material from crowding the hook eye area.
2. Hold pheasant bundle along your side of the hook shank at a downward angle so that point "A" intersects the 1/2 to 2/3 hook shank length. Make a loose wrap of thread.

3. Tighten thread toward your belly button, this will roll wing case material on top of hook shank.
4. Wrap forward with heavy thread tension to the end of lead wraps.


You are now ready to wrap:

Peacock Thorax for Pheasant Tail

or Dubbing Loop for Hare's Ear.

Pheasant Tail ,Hare's Ear, Prince,TELLICO