1. Take a 4" piece of whatever ribbing material is called for *(see below), and hold against hook shank at a downward angle so that the butt of the rib material is against the start of the leadwire wraps. If possible, I like to buy my rib material on spools and run it off a bobbin with a flared end.

* Use medium copper wire for pheasant tail

* Use med. oval French tinsel for hare's ear and prince..

2. Make a loose wrap of thread and tighten then make several heavy thread wraps forward to lead and then start to rear of hook.
3. As you wrap backward, continue heavy thread pressure while letting rib material slip slowly threw your fingers. This helps you control rib position relative to hook shank.
4. Make sure you wrap all the way back to end of hook shank but not down the bend. This area point "A" is the point where the level hook shank and the downward bend meet.

You are now ready to:

Tie in tail and wrap abdomen for Pheasant tail.
or Dub Abdomen for Hare's Ear.

or Wrap Peacock Body for Prince

Pheasant Tail , Hare's Ear, Prince,TELLICO