1. Been wondering why I asked you to keep the tips of the wingcase material even when you know we will have to cut them off when we tie down the wing case? We are going to use the tips for the legs on our pheasant tail. Take the tips in your left hand and cut them to around 1/2 hook shank length, you can use the tail length as a measure.
2. Hold the butts at a downward angle against your side of the hook shank at the hook eye and make a loose wrap of thread.
3. Tighten thread and make about 6 or 7 more wraps securing leg material. Now you see why we leave extra space at hook eye when tying other operations.
4. Leg material should look like this.
5. Pull leg fibers apart into 2 roughly even bundles. I usually have to look at fly from the top and front to do this right.
6. Should look like this.

You are now ready to:

pull wing case forward.

Pheasant Tail