A. Leave thread hanging at rear of hookshank after you start thread. Hold end of lead against shank with left forefinger. Where you start lead depends on fly. See weight placement guide.


B. Wrap forward.


C. When you get to where you want the lead to stop, roll up any excess coming out of bobbin end and make a sharp upward movement. This uses the edge of the bobbin tube to cut the lead wire. Always leave more room than you think you need between the lead and the hook eye. Roll lead tag over shank with finger.

D. Lead ends should be smooth and wraps of lead should be tight against each other.


E. Wrap thread around lead several times back and forth to secure lead so it will not move around as you tie rest of fly.

F. Should look like this.

Wooly Bugger, Pheasant Tail, Hare's Ear, Prince ,TELLICO