1. Leave thread hanging at 2/3 to 3/4 hook shank length. Take two hackle tips from a rooster or hen neck. I prefer the hen neck, it is usually thicker and makes a more realistic imitation of a mayfly wing. Holding the hackle tip butts in your right fingers with the tips even, measure against the hook shank. You want your wing to be hook shank length.

Note the "A" wing length point.


2. Grab tips with left fingers.

3. Cut excess wing material leaving a little extra
(about 1/16") for tie in area.


4. Line up point "A" on wing with thread hang point.


5. Angle wing downward on your side of hook shank.


6. Rotate wing toward you. This will offset the twisting effect that thread torque will place on the wing when we tie in wing material. Make low tension wrap of thread where point "A" of wing and hook shank intersect.

7. Tighten thread wrap. Notice how the wing rotates and slides on top of hook shank. Maintain firm grasp on wing.


8. Make several wraps over wing butts going forward and then back to base of wing.

9. Let go of wing with left hand and pull wing forward with right hand. With left hand, make several wraps of thread behind wing against hackle stems to prop wing up .

10. Wings should stand perpendicular to hook shank.You can then spread them apart the desired amount.

You are now ready to Prep Hackle

for Hackle Tie in and Wrap.

Adams Dry,Irresistable