Elk Hair Head and Collar for Hopper

The bullet head floats good and has a great siluette for a plump juicy hopper. One popular alternative head style is a spun and clipped hair head like on a muddle. Another is grizzly and brown hackle.

Start with thread hanging near but not on the hook eye.
Take a bundle of elk hair, stack it and hold against hook shank with tips at eye of hook. Determine the proper tie-in point "A" on hair.

See: Hair Stacking Page for more info.

Align tie-in point "A" with area just behind hook eye.
Push hair down so that hook is in middle of hair bundle.
Make a loose wrap of thread.
Make another wrap of thread but don't tighten thread.
Tighten thread down hard.
Make several more wraps of thread tightly to secure hair to hook.
Move forward as you wrap thread to anchor down hair. Notice how my thread goes into hair. This really helps hold down the body by having the thread hold down those last few hairs. Don't go over the hook eye.
Do this several times then wrap back to tie-in point.
Slide fingers holding the hair to the hair butts to make room for the scissors. Clip excess hair.
Wrap thread tightly rearward to secure hair butts. Use lots of thread wraps.
Leave thread hanging between wing butts and head hair butts.
Take your right fingers and push hair to toward rear of hook.
Hold hair down over head.
Take other hand and grasp hair to hold against body.
Don't let go of hair with right hand before left hand has hair under control.
Make a couple of light wraps of thread.
Tighten thread down hard.
Hair should flair out good but not turn into a punk rocker.
Secure with a couple more wraps of thread. You might want to do a couple of whip finish turns and take fly out of vice to trim hair from bottom of fly.
You are ready to tie in some Rubber Legs just like we did on the Beetle