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Hair is used on many parts of various flies. We use it for wing material, tails, collars and spun heads for muddler minnows and spun hair bodies for irresistables. The fine tapered tips on hair fibers give a natural look that attract fishermen and theoretically the fish. The idea behind stacking hair is to even those fine tips and makes the material easier to handle. There are many types of hair: deer, elk, moose and calf to name a few and come in different colors, dyed or natural. Also,we use hair from different parts of the animal like bucktail, moose mane, calf body and calf tail. Stacking hair before use helps us develop a fly that has a neat appearance and while the fish may not care or notice, it gives the fisherman a feeling of confidence that he is using a good fly.

1) Lift hair by tips, away from hide. The amount will vary for the fly size, amount of short hair, and the texture of the hair. Only practice can teach that. Cut close to hide so that you have maximum length of hair, this will make it easier to work with.



2) Holding hair by the tips, comb out fuzz and short hair. You can also use your fingers with light pressure to remove unwanted material.

If you are tying the irresistable, skip the rest of this page for there is no need of stacking the hair. You are now ready to Spin Deer Hair Body.

3) Place hair in stacker, hair tips first. See "TOOLS"




4) Holding stacker base with thumb and middle finger (birdie finger for the rude) and the tube with your forefinger, tap base of stacker against solid object, i.e. table. How many times you need to tap depends on how uneven and kinky the hair is.

5) Holding stacker horizontally, slowly pull out tube. Which hand you pull out tube with depends which way you need to tie in hair. For caddis and tails for dry flies, you pull out by right hand. For wings on wullfs and parachutes, the left.



6) Grasp hair tips and pull out.

7) Tips should be even and neat.You are ready to:

Tie in Caddis Wing
or Parachute BWO Wing
or Tie In Royal Wulff Wing
or Tie In Royal Wulf Tail
or Tie In Hopper Head

ElkHair Caddis,BWO Parachute,Royal Wullf, ,Irresistable ,Hopper