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In October of 2007, I took a 3 day solo fishing trip down to the lowcountry of South Carolina. I fished places I had never seen or even heard of anyone fishing just to see what was there. I found some beautiful country but the fish just didn't cooperate at all!

If I hear "That's why they call it fishing, not catching." one more time, I am going to make my next expedition one way into an insane asylum!

Fish Day 1 - Cheraw State Park

Lake at Cheraw was really nice.
Good concrete ramp.

Very black water with vegatation everywhere.

Only fish caught the entire trip. That was one expensive fish.

Lake is about 300 acres. Plenty big enough for a day or 2 hard fishing.

Just love those bald cypress trees. 12 foot gator removed from lake last year.
It got to hanging around the swimming area. I saw one up there.
I'm sure there is a smaller one taken his place and "growing" into the new job!

Fish Day 2 - Wambaw Creek

Wambaw Creek.
Southeast corner of Francis Marion National Park near McClellanville SC.

This creek gets influenced by the tide.
It was flowing backward and rose about 1 foot while I was there.
It then started flowing back "down stream".

Water was very muddy from rain that night.

Didn't see any fish activity. Saw some gators but they didn't hang around for pics.
You could hear them crashing thru the brush and then a loud splash as they hit the water.
Never quite heard anything like it. Cool, but it got your attention.

Water was very deep. Everywhere I lowered the anchor, must have been over 15 feet.

Did have a good concrete ramp and parking was limited but beside the road.
Maybe safe from break in since this is on National Forest with Rangers around.

Camp Day 2

Elmwood campground. Southeast corner of Francis Marion National Park near McClellanville SC.

Me smiling for the camera before those locals told me I had a purty mouth. Ever see Deliverance? If you haven't...don't, you will be mentaly scarred for life.
Day 2 - Awendaw Canoe Access

Found Awendaw Canoe Access, just outside of McClellanville SC, while driving to next destination. Thought to take a look.

Oh yeah, looks like a good tidal creek to hunt some redfish in.

You won't even get your shoes muddy getting in.

No steps or riprap or mud ditch. This sort of thow in could spoil a paddler. I'll be back.
Wadboo Creek Day 3

Wadboo Creek at Rembert C. Dennis Landing. Just outside of Monk's Corner. Wadboo is a tributary of the Cooper River just a little downstream of Lake Moultrie Dam. Nice parking, ramps, and visible from road so maybe less chance of break in.

A little small at around 50 to 70 feet wide but looks like bass heaven.

I didn't even get a bite but after talking to another local fisherman who fishes it some, there are bass in there. I just picked the wrong day.

I will be back, and soon.

Upstream of the landing about a half a mile, it gets real small. Since fish were not biting, I went on to next destination.

Goodale State Park Day 3

Next stop was Goodale State Park just outside of Camden South Carolina just off Hwy20.

Put in is just a little sand area on the bank but easy to thow a canoe, small john boat, or yak in.

Absolutley polluted with bald cypress trees. Breath taking scenery.

Black water, very black water, but still a good 4 foot visibility. Thoughts of Lock Ness monster in my head.

Hydrilla everywhere. Didn't get a single bite but had follows from chain pickeral. Bring wire leaders.

Park ranger dude said there are some good bass in there. I will be back to find out!