Epic Smallie Action

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Dave and I took Tom, a recent cancer surviver, down the river. We started the day off by sinking Dave's drift boat. Yes, an epic FAIL! We got that sorted out and started fishing. An hour into the trip, Tom started off by catching 4 quality fish in a 20 mminute time span. I couldn't buy a fish. I would get bites and miss or get hooked up only to come have the fish come off. I switched flies and hooked a monster smallie that came off at the boat. Dave and Tom swear the fish would have gone 6 lbs and they saw it up close while trying to net it. It was a whale! I switched flies several more times while Tom was catching more fish and then I started hooking and landing fish. Almost all of the fish we were catching were good ones like up to 4 lbs. We caught few dinks. It was insane. It went off an on like this all day with some long dry spells and then crazy multi fish action. Tom and I must have caught 60 between us and then Tom hooked and landed a smallie over 5 lbs. It was an epic day that started out awry but ended up awesome.

Here is a little video of Tom's pig beast: Epic Pig Beast