Plan B Exploring New Water

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There is a short float on a really big river that I have been wanting to fish for years. Me and Ol' Feller started the day standing beside one of our favorite smallie rivers looking sad because that river was looking more like milk chocolate than the slight dingy we had anticipated. Well everyone should have a plan B so we drove an hour to a river niether of us have ever floated. Plan B is a largemouth flow but it is below a dam and there was a chance the water would be clear. It was not clear but much better than Plan A so we threw the boats in. I didn't catch a fish but the scenery was so pretty it was still a great day. Ol' Feller caught some fish one of which was pushing 4+ pounds.

Always have a backup plan. Doing so has saved many a float and this time it paid off with a chance to explore water I had been wanting to float for years.