Fishing the Summer Topwater Bite

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Took Friday July 1st off and did a 2 day camp and fish. Floated some of the best water in SC and the top water bite was on good. Not great but good both days. All fish were caught on a white or yellow deer hair popper. Most fish were caught not in the morning but after it got really hot. I caught smallies and LM bass in 95F+ heat on topwater. Most were 1 to 2 pounds with a couple aproaching 3 and at least one reaching a solid 3lbs. Also hooked up with a monster LM that may have gone 5 but came unbuttoned at the boat. Both days about 20 fish were caught not including the gazillion bream that would attach anything that hit the water.

Best part of the trip was we stayed in Dave's camper that had a bathroom and cold AC and I got to spend some time with AllRiversSouth, Deadeye, and ol'Feller. Forget the fish, the company made the trip a total success.

First the flies and then the fish pics...