Drag Chain Anchor

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I use a drag chain anchor for anchoring in rivers. It consists of a 3 ft length of 3/8" chain that is covered with bycycle inner tube. Why a chain? It is streamlined and is harder to get hung up in rocks like a mushroom or claw. The anchor rope is attached to the chain in the middle so I really have two 1.5ft lengths of chain. The anchor rope is actually a retractable dog leash so that the anchor line never piles on the floor of the boat. I use a "Clam Cleat" to stop hold the line. The cleat does all the work, the dog leach just holds the line. The line come out of the boat thru a brass grommet (thru hull fitting) so that the entire anchor system is beneath the gunnels. When using an anchor in current, the anchor rope should exit the boat centered with the keel line of the boat. If it's just a few inches off, the boat will cock to one side and eventually start swinging back and forth creating an unstable situation and it also takes more anchor weight to hold. My chain anchor only weighs around 3 lbs and if that isn't heavy enough to hold me then I am in water that is too fast to be anchoring in. Be warned, anchoring in current is very dangerous. The anchor can get hung up in heavy current and the river will be in the boat before you know it. Keep a sharp knife close to your anchor rope! I suggest never anchoring in current that is faster than you would wade in. Deep or shallow but the current must be slow. Every year, people who are very experienced get in trouble when an anchor hangs in the wrong place.