Old Town Disco 158 Canoe - Solo Conversion

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I bought an OT Disco 158 tandem canoe about 18 years ago thinking that the wife would go paddling with me but I think she floated in it once. About 4 years ago, I got to looking at it and decided to make it a solo boat and it worked quite well.

The problem with paddling a tandem canoe by yourself is that the bow is always much higher than the stern and the slightest wind will spin that boat around like a weather vane so fast ithat it makes fishing out of it almost impossible! It will drive a man nuts. It can also get you stuck on one side of the lake because you can't paddle against the wind.

However there is a way around this problem. I added a center seat (12"x1" oak board) to level the boat out and fix the wind problem. Leveling the boat out also increases stability. I also got a long 275cm double blade paddle and even tho now I have 2 other solo boats, I still use the big boy on camping floats. I left both original seats in it so I can still go tandem if desired. I put the front edge of the center seat at exactly midway length of the boat. Man, it made all the difference in the world when having a little wind and no need for weights and other time consuming operations. I also sit high and it is much more comfortable. So for you guys who have an old tandem canoe laying around, it can be a decent solo boat without spending a lot of money. There are lots of these old tandem canoes out there and many can be bought cheap.