Blackwater Canoe Camping November 2010

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This was my first canoe camping trip. Eight of us camped at the put in, floated one day, camped on an island, and then floated the next to the take out. The weather was perfect, the company was off the charts, the scenery was insane awsome, and the fishing was...well, it just sucked! Even with the fish off the feed, it was the best trip of 2010 and one none of us will forget for a lot of reasons (Olive Garden salad dressing and &^%$#@! politicians spending my daughters money. Long story.). The river was close enough to the coast to be tidal influenced and between the Spanish moss and black water, I was spellbound. List of suspects: Me (aka Boyscout, derekp), Redfishguide, Maniac, TygerRiverWalker, Stumphumper, Ol'Feller, Deadeye Dupre, and Castapotomas