Fishing 2010 Part 2

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Big big big big water...Midlands SC
Very small water...also in Midlands SC

Midlands SC

This is the biggest river I have ever floated. It is 1/4 mile wide or more in spots, has islands, class 3+ drops (not many and all portagable), and lots of shallow shoal water. It has stripers, LM, SM, spotted, and redeye (aka Bartram's bass) bass swimming around. Caught a few smallmouth, largemouth, and redeye bass but nothing big. That being said, there are large fish there. The scenery was awesome. We saw several recreation kayaker but almost no fisherman. What was strange was catching smallmouth bass in an area where Spanish moss was on the trees. Really cool place to experience.

Midlands (but a lot smaller) SC

This is one of the smallest rivers I have ever floated. It is 70 ft wide or less in spots, cannot handle more than 2 boats, and defines the definition of shallow. I caught all fish on a orange and white Deciever. Also, most of the fish bit it several times before taking it solid. I really like this float. BTW, there is lots of sand and wood.