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Steve Hillbert
3lb. Smallmouth. Have no idea what fly. He has a new one every trip.

2+lb. Smallmouth. Bullethead Hopper just like in tying instructional.

Clay (like Clay that built the pontoon boat)
Nice 18" Brown Trout in Davidson River NC on his "Big fish day"
He must have caught 4-5 trout over 16 inches on the same day.
I don't think he caught one under 12 and I didn't catch one over 12.

He claims he was trying for bait. I don't believe him.
Tough day on SC state park lake

Little Steve (no relation to other Steve)
Fish was midging in clear slack water. Very technical fishing
Davidson NC

Kevin D
I was out with daughter hiking and didn't now it was Kevin
If Kevin kept all of his fish, there would be none in NC
Davidson NC by hatchery

Davidson River NC on his "Big fish day"

Looking Glass Creek. Not a big fish but you can cross that creek without getting wet.

My biggest large mouth to date (Ok, I'm busted. I do a little bragg'in) at over 6lbs.
Keowee on a small deer hair popper.

Same fish after he went under the canoe.
My neice Shellby took the photo while I was screaming and freaking out.
I love you Shellby!

Davidson River on the "Black Bear Day"...long story.

Redeye bass on Hartwell SC