Everglades Flamingo Jan 2009

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Back in Jan 2009, Jack (aka Redfishguide) and I spent 5 days fishing in Everglades National Park from the Flamingo camping area. I had never been down there and in Jan, we had 75 to 80 degree temps every day. Did we catch fish? Not a bunch but Jack caught an 80lb+ tarpon, 16lb redfish, and 7-8lb snook all on a fly. I caught a lot of small 1 to 2 lb snook, ladyfish, and trout and also managed a 9.5lb snook all on flies. We explored quite a bit up some fresh water rivers and just had a blast. You ever get a chance to fish around Whitewater Bay in the Glades, don't pass it up.

Jack is a redfish guide down in Beaufort, SC and fishes the Glades several times a year for fun. What is amazing is while Jack had only fished the area 5 or 10 times, he consistently found places where the snook were hanging out. Also, one day Jack's buddy and Florida based guide Billy joined us and Billy just looks at the chart and points his finger on a river confluence and says "that where the tarpon will be". Guess what? That was the exact spot Jack caught his 80lb tarpon. I also watched Billy cast in some serious wind and man, I have never seen casting like that in my life! I learned more in 5 days about fly fishing the salt and fly fishing in general than I have learned the past 5 years. We had a ball.

I caught almost all of my fish, including the big snook, on Lefty's Deceivers. Chart/White and Gray/White.