2008 Fall Fish Photos

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Did a little fishing in the Fall too. Here are some pics so far...

A River in SC - with Drew and some GA boyz
2 days on one of the best rivers in SC but had to fish after a front. Yeah, the fishing was sub par but the company and experience way out of the park. Had a blast fishing and meeting folks I had fished with before and some I met for the first time. Drew, Charlie, John, Sam, and Pappi...you know who you are.

A River in NC - with Clay

I didn't catch anything but did bring a small muskie to the boat before he threw the hook. Everything was right like water clarity, temps, etc. but the fish just wouldn't cooperate! Still a great day on the water and Clay got to try out his new Wenonah Solo Plus canoe for the first time. I tried it out. A great boat.

A River - somewhere in SC - with Jack aka Redfishguide

Biggest fish of the trip! I doesn't show it's true size due to my lack of photography skills. It was about 3 lbs I think.

The size of the fish after Jack has told the story about it a few times. Just keeps getting bigger!