2008 Summer Fish Photos

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In the summer of 2008, I actually went fishing while it was really hot. When I was a trout bum, I quit fishiing during the hotmonths except for a couple of outing with friends in high altitude small brookie streams. However, I kept hearing reports of guys catching smallies in the heat of summer in rivers and decided to pursue that type of fishing. Well it has paid off a little but the jury is still out for a verdict. Here are some pics so far...

New River - somewhere in NC or VA - with Frank and Phil

When Phil and I get to Mount Airy, we found Frank's boat on the trailer and ready to rumba.

The obligitory put in shot.

The scenery was far out, man!.

In the best of company. Phil and Frank were a blast to float the river with.

Phil deftly fighting a top water smallie.

The fish is landed.

As I said, the scenery was awesome.

None of the fish were very big but all fought hard.

Frank, we will always be in your debt. YOU are da man!
If Frank ever asks you to go fishing, I highly recommend you take him up on it. If not, you are a total dweeb!
A River in SC - by my own bad self

Floated down 2.5 miles of river, fished about a 1/2 mile and then paddled back up to car by myself. Solo trips are great.

A River in NC - again solo

Another solo trip where I floated 8.5 miles.

A River in NC - with Rich aka TygerRiverWalker

Great trip.

A Small River in SC - with Clay

Small water but full of redeye bass. Lots of fun but access is horrible!