2008 Spring Fish Photos

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In the spring of 2008, I went fishing more days than I did in the previous 3 springs combine. I didn't catch a bunch and I didn't catch any really big fish but I had a lot of fun floating various rivers and lakes and fishing with new friends. Does it really matter that you had 30 plus fish days and caught a bunch of wall hangers? I say no, what matters is that you spent time doing what you love most with great people and I really did fish with some of the best folks on planet Earth. The folks from American River Fishing and my old time fishing posse Clay and Steve were great company on many outings. I also managed a few good fish here and there...

Carolina River Fishing - CAFE Trip 2008 - SC

From campsite looking downstream.

From campsite looking upstream.

Friday afternoon campsites.

Saturday morning float. See Chuck and Jack in the green canoe and whats his name in the red kayak. Okay, it's Ron, now that he has a sand Native Ultimate.

Here comes Chuck and Jack with his big 5 lb smallie. Chuck caught some monsters too but I wasn't close enough to get a pic. I did hear the sound affects (hoops and hollers) over the rushing waters where we were wading from hundreds of yards away and saw the beast held high.

Jack's Broad Ness monster.

Here is Phil (aka Tar Devil) playing and landing a good one.

I think he has done this before.

This was right before or after I lost one over 5 lbs. Groan!

Ofcourse Drew caught some really nice fish. I think this one was over 4 lbs.

Same fish. It almost gets boring watching Drew haul in big'un after big'un. Yawn!

Here is a small 1.5 lb smallie I caught. I thought Phil took more pics of my fish but I suspect he just faked it to make me look bad. Just kidding Phil.

Last leg of the Saturday float just before reaching camp. That is some awsome water there. Maybe more 4+ lb smallies in there than anywhere else in the USA.

A River SC - with GodFatherOfShoal and ShoalieSeeker from GA

GA boys. Great guys to fish with. Glad they came up.

Steve getting ready for the big day

I only took a few pics this trip but the GA boys did good, Steve had a lots of bites but problems closing the deal, and I caught 6 over a pound with biggest around 3lbs. Slow day on the river but had great company.

A River in SC - Solo trip

A in River NC - with Clay

Some River in NC - with Clay and Darrin G

Darrin and his wife in his double pontoon boat while he fights a 24" trout...in a smallmouth river!

Water was very pretty even tho we got soaked with rain and had high upstream winds.

Clay didn't tell me I would have to run some class 3 water. The first time I ever portaged anything.

Later the skys cleared but the wind got worse.

I would actually anchor to keep the wind from blowing me upstream and sat in the front of my Old Towne so I would stay pointed down stream.

After the skys cleared, the fish completely stopped biting but man was the scenery awsome.

Obligatory take out shot.

Darrin showed us his river and brought along his wife. Not only can Darrin catch fish like a pro but without a doubt his best catch ever was his wife (she can catch fish with the best of them, BTW). I looked up the word angel in the dictionary and there was her picture. I really enjoyed fishing with them even if I didn't catch much myself. Great trip with fine folks.

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