British Virgin Islands

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In the spring of 2008, my employer had the good judgment to send me on a 4 day first class vacation to the island of Virgin Gorda at the five star resort of Little Dix Bay. It was a chance to spend a little time in paradise and maybe squeeze in a littl fishing. Problem was 40+ mph winds and a resort policy of no fishing. To make matters worse, when I did sneak off and fish a little, the fly rod broke while setting the hook in the first really good fish that hit. I must have made a bad cast (did I mention the 40 mph winds?) and nicked the rod with the lead eyes on my clouser minnow. When I set the hook on Moby Dick, the rod gave up the ghost. It was all OK because I got to relax in heaven and have fun with my great co-workers. I'm not kidding, they are a great bunch to be around so the trip was still the vacation of a lifetime.

Here are a few pics from paradise...