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I have this bad problem. I love the out doors and love to float a smallie river but I don't like driving a truck or SUV everywhere. Nothing against them, my wife drives an Explorer and previously a Bronco 2 and they were great vehicles and have plenty of cargo space and high ground clearance.

But I like sports cars, the smaller and lower to the ground, the better. My dream is owning a Ferrari or a Porche. Guess what, the word sports car equals IMPRACTICAL or IMPOSSIBLE in outdoor language. Big time.

As a compramise, I decided to customize a trailer so I could haul my canoe and other out door stuff and still drive a "sporty" car. While it's not a Porche, I really like my 2002 Mustang. I ended up taking a small utility trailer and modifying it to tote my boat but also store my paddles, trolling motor, life jackets, anchor, etc. Before I customized the trailer, I stowed everything in the very small trunk of the Mustang and put a roof rack and trailer hitch rack to transport the boat. I also had to take all that stuff in the house after every trip. It was an ordeal to load up the car with all the junk and I had to take the racks off the car while fishing lest the "wander off", if you know what I mean.

To make a long story longer, I bought a 6 by 4 utility trailer for $350 at Tracter Supply, extend the tongue from 3 to 10+ feet (with the help of Clay who knows how to weld), and added a 6x4 wood box with a 10x4 ft lid that hinged on one side and Shazam! I had what I needed. I could store all the stuff and lock it in the box while the 10 foot length of the lid could support a 16 foot canoe. Below are pictures of the results. Hope this may help someone like me who loves the outdoors but doesn't have the proper transport.