This is not a Bragging page to show off big fish. This is just something to remind me of great friends and good fishing trips. I'll leave the bragging and competition (nothing wrong with it) where it the workplace, bass tournaments, grid iron, tennis court, battle field, and other areas of life.

Winter in Florida
Epic Smallie Trip
Extreme No Trespassng Signs
Plan B Exploring New Water
First River Outing of 2012
Fall 2011 2
Fall 2011
End of Summer 2011
Summer Topwater Bite
Small Water Letdown
Small Water Treasure
State Park in the Rain
Canoe Camping 24 Mile 3 Day Float
Coosa - First Floats and Impressions
Jackson Kayak - Coosa Elite
Blackwater Canoe Camping November 2010
Fishing 2010 Part 2
Fishing 2010
Fall 2009
Summer 2009 Part 2
Summer 2009
On the River SC May 2009
Jan 2009 Everglades - Flamingo
Fall 2008 Fishing
Summer 2008 Fishing
Spring 2008 Fishing
British Virgin Islands, April 2008
On the River SC. Nov 2007
South Carolina Lowcountry. Oct 2007
Various 2007 Fishing Pics
Adarondike Mountains of New York State. May 2005
Stripers and Whitebass in a SC River. April 2005
Miscellaneous fishing pictures
Miscellaneous fishing pictures
Miscellaneous fishing pictures
Miscellaneous fishing pictures
Tying Bench
Canoe Trailer
Canoe Fish Finder
Canoe Modifications
Dog Leash Drag Chain Anchor
Canoe Tandem to Solo Conversion

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