This operation is used for preparing any kind of dubbing for use on any kind of fly. In the past, most dubbing was made from the fur of various animals and dyed different colors or used as is. I like to use dubbing already shaved off the skin and ready to use. Popular furs are: rabbit, squirrel, opossum, beaver, fox, etc. I tied my first fly with hair from my Siamese cat. Use your imagination! Some real committed (or should be) fly tiers use road kills. Now we have many synthetic materials that are cheap and the colors and texture are very consistent, these are great for tight and neat bodies for small dry flies . You use dubbing for dry flies, nymphs,emergers and traditional wet flies.

1) Take a small pinch of dubbing. The most popular mistake for newbies is:


It is easier to add than to take off fly. Remember "a pinch is all it takes".

2) Take part of the dubbing and pull out just a little.

3) Pull out so that it is still attached to main body of dubbing.

4) Repeat this a little at a time so that you start forming a long thin shape.

5) Should look like so.

You are now ready to:

Dub Body
for adams, cahill, hare'a ear, parachute

or Dub Body for caddis fly

Light Cahill, Adams Dry,ElkHair Caddis
Hare's Ear,BWO Parachute