Place hook in vise and start thread. Leave thread hanging at rear of hookshank.

Pick out 6 to 10 saddle hackle feathers or large webby hackles from rooster neck. Use even more for large flies.

See: Hackle Selection for more info. You can buy saddle hackle that is hand selected for saltwater flies like the deciever.

Do NOT align the tips. You want some deviation so that the tail "tapers" off to create a realistic baitfish shape and I think this gives much better action. For example, if the tail is going to be 4 inches long, I want some feathers that are 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, and 4 inches long. Hold in right hand by the base.

Measure against hook shank. You want tail to be 2 times hook shank length. Some folks like it 3X HSL.
Change hands and cut off excess leaving a little extra to tie on with.
Trim as shown.

Position feathers so that tail extends past the rear of hook shank.

Hold tailbutts at a downward angle and slightly rotated toeard you.

Make a loose wrap where butts and hook shank meet..

Line up bobbin with thread before you tighten.


Tighten thread hard. Thread torque will roll tail butts on top of hook shank.

Make 10 or more heavy thread wraps in a forward direction to secure tail material.

Should look like this.

You are now ready to Tie In and Wrap Body.

Lefty's Deciever