Hook: Any standard streamer hook.
Ex. Mustad - 3366 bronze or 3407 plated
or 34011 stainless.
Thread:3/0 brown prewaxed
Tail: 4 to 6 light gray wide saddle hackle.
Body: silver mylar tinsel or chennile.
Flash: green or pearl krystal flash.
Top Wing: light gray buck tail.

Note. I used Light Gray and DarkGray
color combo for good contrast with white
background in Illustrations.

See: Deciever Color Options

Clidk on image for close up.

What you can catch on these flies.

This is the saltwater fly of the millieum! Lefty Kreh's brain child has taken the saltwater flyfishing world by storm. However, it works great on large (I mean Jurassic) trout, smallmouth and largemoth bass. Throwing a deciever against the bank and retrieving it in short dancing pulls just 3 inches under the water is dynamite for shallow water bass. Be sure to tie the bottom wing a little sparse compared to the top wing so that fly rides top side up. Can be tied in all sorts of sizes, colors and different natural and synthetic materials.

1. Start Thread
2. Tie In Tail
3. Tie In and Wrap Body
4. Tie in Flash Under Wing
5. Tie in Top Wing
6. Tie in Bottom Wing
7. Tie In Wing Topping