Start with tail tied in. Leave thread hanging near rear of hook shank.

Take a piece of mylar tensil and hold against hook shank at a downward angle.

Mke a loose wrap of thread.

All the way around shank.
Tighten thread with gusto.
Secure tensil with 10 or more heavy thread wraps toward front of hook.
Leave tread hanging at about 1/5 to 1/6 HSL from hook eye.
Take tensil and start wraping.
Over the top and down the backside of hook.
Make sure to cover thread at rear of hook first. Do not pile on the wraps one on top of another. Wraps could become loose and slide off rear of hook distorting your tail.
Continue wraping in a forward motion.
Let wraps overlap a little to completely cover thread base. Wrap so tight that tensil stretches a little.
Continue forward to thread and behind hook eye. Don't crowd hook eye, we have a lot of material to tie on there.
Hold tensil material up with right hand and make a thread wrap with left.
Take 2 or 3 wraps,tighten and let thread hang loose.
Cutt excess material.
Secure with a couple of more heavy thread wraps and you are ready to: Tie In Flash.

Lefty's Deciever