Cut off and stack, a bundle of brown buck tail or calf tail, hold on top of hook shank with hair tips pointing to the left (hook bend). Leave about 1/2 hook shank length of hair wing hanging off the rear of hook. Note cut off length, just a little to rear of hook eye.
Cut hair to length. Make sure you do not crowd the hook eye with excess material. This will make it harder to tie off and whip finish. Note point "A". This is our thread tie in point.
Angle hair downward on your side of hook shank. Notice "A" tie in point is now out of alignment with thread. When we make first wrap and tighten. The hair will turn and twist up on shank and it usually turns out okay. It will with practice.
Make a loose wrap of thread around hair wing butts and hook shank.
Do not tighten thread until full wrap is made. Some people will make 2 loose wraps before tightening.
With thread bobbin aligned with thread, tighten thread hard pulling bobbin in your direction. Hair will compress and want to twist up on top of hook shank. Keep thread tension tight as we make more thread wraps.
Wrap thread forward to hook eye. Keep thread tight. Every two wraps you may want to pull almost hard enough to break the thread.
Finished top wing, now ready to whip finish.