Hook: Any standard streamer hook.
Ex. Mustad - 94833 or 3407 plated or 34011 stainless.
Thread: 3/0 brown prewaxed

Bottom Wing: orange buck or calf tail.
Flash: gold or copper krystal flash.

Top Wing: brown buck or calf tail.

Note. I used Brown and Orange color combo for good contrast with white background in Illustrations.

The Couser Minnow streamer is a fly that should be in every fly fisherman's fly box. The old saying "Don't leave home without it!" applies to this fly like no other. I have caught smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, sunfish, suckers, seatrout, flounder, brook trout, rainbows and browns with this fly. People I know have caught dozens of other species of fresh and saltwater fish using the Clouser Minnow. I know, it really is a lead head jig and technically is not a proper fly at all, but even you dry fly purist should have one tucked away in your vest where your buddies can't see it. It has saved many a slow day and produced the biggest fish of the day. The Clouser Minnow is tied in many color schemes and some with painted or chrome plated lead eyes.

1. Tie in Lead Eyes

2. Tie in Bottom Wing

3. Tie in Flash Under Wing

4. Tie in Top Wing