This operation is used with many kinds of dubbing for use on any kind of fly. Just check the material or color called for in the pattern guides (material list) and make appropriate changes. See Dubbing Stretch for material preparation. For a variation of body material see: Quill Body



1) Pick out small amount of dubbing and pull it into an elongated shape and lay along thread. Take bobbin in left hand and hold thread firm while, with right hand, twisting dubbing on and into thread. Make sure you twist only one way, let go, then repeat twist in same direction as you go up thread to build tight rope of dubbing.




2)The mistake most often made is using too much dubbing material. It is easier to add than to take off.



3) Wrap dubbing rope starting from hook bend and ending just behind wing for standard dry flies or a little past wingcase tie-in point for nymphs.



4)You want a smooth tapered body. You are now ready to:
Prep Hackle for wrapping hackle on
Light Cahill or Parachute BWO.
or tie in Hackle Tip Wings for Adams.
or Palmer Hackle for Caddis.
or Wrap Rib for Hare's Ear.

Most real May Flies have a thin body, so go light on dubbing amounts. No matter how good or how high tech a dubbing material is made, they all absorb water and the more material, the harder it is to keep the fly floating.

Light Cahill, Adams Dry, Elk Hair Caddis,
Hare's Ear,BWO Parachute