See: Hackle Prep and Hackle Selectionfor more info.


1) Wrap thread at rear of shank but leave a little space between thread and hook bend. Place trimmed stem against your side of hook shank at a downward angle where thread hangs from shank. Hold hackle so that dull side is facing you. The first tight thread wrap will turn stem so that dull side will face toward eye.




2) Make loose wrap of thread over stem and shank.



3) Do not tighten until thread is toward you.


4) Tighten thread. Notice how stem turns and hackle twist. This is the effect of thread torque. Any time you tie anything on the shank, that material will twist. Plan ahead and set up your materials accordingly.



5) Maintaining thread tension, make another wrap in front of first. This will pull stem butt up onto hook shank.



6) Make five or six more wrap to secure stem.



7) Hackle should look like this. May lean back a little but that is okay. Now you are ready to dub body.