Many nymphs, traditional wets, streamers (called a throat) and emerger patterns use a beard style hackle and it does a good job of imitating the legs of a nymph. My favorite material for nymphs, wets and emergers is hackle fibers from a speckled hen back or grouse feathers. For streamers, they usually call for some kind of hair like calf tail dyed various colors. The prince nymph is sometimes tied with a wrapped collar hackle and sometimes with a beard style hackle.
See Hackle Barb Prep for more info.

1. Flip hook in the vise upside down. Take a bundle of leg material. For nymphs, wets and emergers, measure off 1/2 hook shank length.
2. Cut to length, leaving a little for tie in.
3. Hold against hook shank at a downward angle right at the eye of the hook. Be careful that the material butts do not extend into the hook eye and cause you leader threading problems later. Make a loose wrap of thread and tighten then anchor with 5 or 6 heavy wraps.
4. Legs should look like this with material directly under hook and angled slightly backward.

You are now ready to: Tie In Biot Wings for Prince.