Bass Flies

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A few years ago, I really started targeting small mouth and large mouth bass. I also do some striper fishing too. Here are a few of my goto flies for black bass whether it be LM, SM, redeyes, or spots.

This fly is basically a Deceiver tail with a Muddle head. I tie these from size 1/0 down to 2 on Mustad Stinger 37187 and Straight Eye 3366 hooks. The actual flies will be from 7 to 3 inches long. Great fly for skipping on top of lily pads just don't forget the weed guard!

During summer, when I really target the smallies in the rivers, this same fly in yellow and chartreuse can be awesome.

A few years ago, my buddy Steve asked me to tie a white Marabou Muddler with the hook upside down. I had to bend the hook shank toward the point and then bend it back level so that some of the hook weight was below the shank line so that fly would ride with point up. Steve caught lots of smallies with this fly. I eventually tied some myself and it's a great fly. You can Walk the Dog with it like using a Fluke.

Cannot have a serious bass fly list without including Lefty'd Deceiver. This fly just plain rocks. I tie in chart/white, olive/white, blue/white, gray/white, and brown/light gray.

Another classic that is dynamite for smallies. Yes, the Clouser Minnow. I tie in chart/white, olive/white, brown/white, and brown/orange.

You know how it is, the LM spawn is over and it's starting to get hot so most big bass have gone deep. However, a lot of small (like a pound) bass are still shallow but you got to the lake late and you missed the morning bite. What to do? Thow a Bullet Head Hopper in size 4 long shank against the banks and sometimes it saves the day. When on a smallie river, from June to September, this fly can be really productive. I have caught smallies up to 3 lbs with this fly.

The other day, me and some pals were fishing for smallies and some fish were coming out of the water trying to eat dragon flies. I decided to tie a dragon fly for next time I see this happen. Haven't tested this out yet but looking forword to see how it performs.

Months later, I tied for an upcoming trip. Here are the results.